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IVR Solution For Banking & Finance Industries (USA, REGIONAL) Our IVR Solution are designed to streamline your process, while focusing on connecting sales people directly with investors; which equates into more revenue. Create custom appointment reminders and customer satisfaction surveys. Use our Voice Broadcast system to allow you to contact thousands of investors in seconds. Key Benefits for IVR Solutio...  - Trade Ad
SMS To Landline Service for Salons and Spa USA (USA, REGIONAL) Text My Main Number is a Landline texting service provider in the USA. The company offers SMS To Landline service for Salons and Spas in the USA. The offered features are listed below: - Send SMS from landline - Receive SMS to Landline number - Contact management - Mass texting - Schedule SMS - Reports - And more To know more about land...  - Private Ad
Participate in government tenders with D Elite Support. (REGIONAL) D-ELITE SOFT is first private initiative in India to help startup companies/individual growth. Our head office located in Sonipat (HR) INDIA. D Elite Soft provide maximum services under one portal like website designing, website development, logo design, web hosting, domains registration, ssl certificate, domain transfer, bulk email, bulk sms, voic...  - Private Ad
Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution (USA, REGIONAL) FreeSWITCH based Multi-Tenant IP PBX enables providers to deliver reliable, feature-rich and mobile-capable IP PBX services to business clients and resellers from a single all-in-one solution, which is easily managed from a central web interface. The solution is multi-tenant, which means it can provide services to multiple places. These premises ca...  - Trade Ad
Video Conferencing Soluion for Energy Industries (USA, REGIONAL) Through hundreds of highly mobile workers and many more stationed on oil rigs the Energy sector works tirelessly to keep the rest of the world up and running. Leveraging video to better manage both everyday workflow and crisis situations empowers Energy companies to be able provide more focused service and better support to their remote workers. ...  - Private Ad
SEO friendly Content Writing Service from Indian Content Writers (REGIONAL) Content is king in any digital marketing strategy. We offer SEO friendly content writing services without compromising quality. We make a perfect use of keywords yet make it a user friendly content. Our experienced content writers from India offer content writing service of: - Webpage - Blog - Article - Press Release - Case Study - Us...  - Private Ad
VICIDial and Zoho CRM system Integration service (USA, REGIONAL) Do you want to integrate you Zoho CRM solution with the VICIDial call center solution so you can use them in harmony? Would you like to use VICIDIal dialer in Zoho CRM while talking with customer? Would you like to access both Zoho and VICIdial from a single screen? Elisiontec can help you. It offers VICIDial and Zoho system integration servi...  - Private Ad
LG WebOS Apps Development (USA, REGIONAL) Ecosmob Technologies has a team of Skilled LG WebOS developer who has profound knowledge of this smart operating system and have skill to take full advantage of the features offered by the webOS technology, which can add additional functionalities in the smart TV and smart watch of LG. LG WebOS Apps Key Features: - Multi tasking interface - ...  - Private Ad
VoIP Class 4 SoftSWITCH (USA, REGIONAL) Class 4 softswitches are used to route calls between carriers or over long distances. A Class 4 Softswitch is the VoIP platform that facilitates this entire operation. An advanced Class 4 Softswitch supports LCR routing, comprehensive billing (prepaid/postpaid), transcoding, CDR generation, multiple carrier management and monitoring. Class 4 Sof...  - Private Ad
Call Center and CRM Solution Integration Service (USA, REGIONAL) Call Center solution and CRM system integration service is offered by Elision Technolab LLP. The company offers this integration service for any open source or custom call center and CRM solution. Once both stated systems are integrated then those can use in harmony from a single sing on. It means you can add or update a record in the CRM s...  - Private Ad
Landline Texting Service for Diversified Industry Verticals in the USA (REGIONAL) Text My Main Number is a leading business messaging service provider in the USA. The company has been offering SMS to Landline service in the USA and Canada since 2016. It offers texting service on landline numbers to diversified industry verticals. . To name a few, below are the industry verticals, which can get benefited with this solutio...  - Private Ad
Class 4 SoftSWITCH (Arlington, REGIONAL) The class 4 SoftSWITCH is used to offer cheap calling services over long distance. It is indeed an ideal solution for telecom or ITSP as it uses sophisticated algorithms which help reduce the cost, congestion, latency and improve the quality of VoIP calls. Key features of class 4 softswitch are listed below: - Routing the calls - User frie...  - Private Ad
Extended Stay Hotels near you in the USA (USA, REGIONAL) Are you looking for extended stay hotels near you? Are you travelling to another stated of the USA for a few days or weeks and want to have amenities of hotels, but don’t want to get into formalities of having a rental apartment? Are you looking for the motels which has kitchenette? is the website which offers an ar...  - Private Ad
Best landline texting service in the USA (REGIONAL) Text My Main Number offers best landline texting service in the USA to small businesses, SMBs and multinational companies. The key features of offered SMS to landline service are listed below: - SMS to and from landline - MMs to and from landline - Group SMS - SMS scheduling - Mass texting - Automated reply to received SMS - Contact mana...  - Private Ad
Hosted PBX Solution (Arlington Tx, REGIONAL) Hosted PBX Solution for your business, there are no hardware or maintenance costs. And, you gain the scalability and flexibility of a cloud-based system. Add phones, add locations, and upgrade features as your business grows or changes. A Hosted PBX Solution system helps your employees better manage their productivity. It also lets you leverage...  - Private Ad
WebRTC Client Solution (USA, REGIONAL) WebRTC Client solution helps bridge effective connectivity. It is a perfect amalgamation of frictionless connectivity and easy-to-use web-enabled real-time collaboration. We offer custom WebRTC client solution development services. Below are key utilities of this solution: - Integration with PBX solutions - Can be used in conferencing platfor...  - Private Ad
Weekly hotels USA for long stay at affordable rates (USA, REGIONAL) Do you need to stay for longer time in a city or state of the USA? Living in the normal hotel can be expensive and getting a rental apartment can be a difficult and inconvenient task. Have you ever tried to stay in weekly hotels USA? The weekly hotels offer the extended or longer stay facility to their guests. You may get the luxuries...  - Private Ad
Web Casting Solution by Elision Technolab LLP (REGIONAL) Elisiontec is one of the leading VoIP development company from India. It offers Web casting solution to its customers with a range of features, such as: - Polling facility - Separate views of presenter and audience - Secure streaming with encryption - Real time recording - And more Elisiontec offers high definition web casting servi...  - Private Ad
SMS To Landline Service with free demo, trial and support (REGIONAL) Text My Main Number offers SMS to Landline service to its customers in the USA and Canada. The company offers this service to B2C and B2B customers to take benefit of texting over landline number. Along with the service with many interesting features, the company offers 3 value added services called: - Free live demo with question answ...  - Private Ad
FreeSWITCH Video Conferencing (Arlington Tx, REGIONAL) Ecosmob offers cost-efficient FreeSWITCH development services that help you become more flexible and well equipped while having real-time communication.We provide End-to-End FreeSWITCH Video Conferencing Solution provides 1080p60 HD video that is highly reliable, secure, and stable. Video Conferencing have following features: - Dynamic Confer...  FreeSWITCH Class 4 SoftSWITCH Private Ad
Class 5 Softswitch (USA, REGIONAL) A Class 5 softswitch routes calls between end-users or consumers in relatively small areas such as a city, town or even small state or country. VoIP Class 5 switches work through the SIP protocol. When you make an IP call, what you are actually doing is connecting through the internet to your provider’s softswitch. Class 5 softswitch have followi...  - Private Ad
Best Landline texting service with Free Trial by Text My Main Number (REGIONAL) Text My Main Number is one of the leading business texting service providers in the USA. The offered landline texting solution comes up with a wide array of features, including, but not limited to:   - Sending SMS/MMS from a landline number - Receiving SMS/MMS over a landline number - Group SMS - Bulk SMS - Scheduled SMS - Auto Reply ...  - Private Ad
104837 WEB DESIGNING | WEB HOSTING | EDUCATIONAL CD | LEARNING MATERIAL | W (Bangalore, REGIONAL) Attractive Deal for you, Mega Collections of All Web Designing Elements on 3 DVD s Use of this Materials Create web site in no time using web templates for yourself or for your clients. Take your web designing skills to next level by learning advance techniques. Excellent asset for Web site owners, web designers and students. One can even start his...  2000 Private Ad